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Huawei A1 Bridge Mode Article not rated yet
To set the Huawei A1 router in bridge mode Connect the WAN interface to the LAN Set IP addressing to DHCP Set the Connection mode to Bridge (AP) The Access point management interface will be located o...
IMAP Protocol test Article not rated yet
The IMAP protocol typically operates over TCP port 143 (plain) or 993 (TLS) Once a connection has been accepted by the server,  a client can retrieve a message from the inbox as follows
WDS Draytek (main) to Apple (relay) Article not rated yet
Scenario: 802.11bgn WiFi segment Vigor 2820 connected to Internet Timecapsule extends the wireless segment Draytek WLAN General Setup Mode: Mixed 11b + 11g + 11n Draytek WLAN Security Setup ...
RRAS 4110 message box Article not rated yet
Fault Report: Selecting the RRAS node in server manager presents a warning message box with 4110 and an OK button Resolution 1. Enter the following commands at a console prompt cd %windir%\syst...
L2TP NAT Port forwarding Article not rated yet
L2TP VPN Network Requirements The L2TP/IPSec VPN protocol set uses the 'port-less' IP protocol #50 (ESP) and #51 (AH) for IPSec transmission in addition to TCP 1701 for L2TP.  For optimal security L2...
VLAN link type configuration Article not rated yet
VLAN port link type configuration values may be ACCESS, GENERAL, TRUNK These designations refer to the handling of tagged and untagged frames, espescially when multiple tags are used in a mixed envi...
Wireshark capture remotely Article not rated yet
Capture Traffic from headless Linux server with Wireshark on OSX Linux includes a number of tools for capturing network traffic from the console, however in many circumstances it is much more conveni...
DMARC cheat sheet Article not rated yet
DMARC Record Cheet Sheet TXT Record Naming hostname :   DMARC Policy Values none : use for report only quarantine : messages failing dmarc should be quarantined reject: messages fa...
SSL Cheat Sheet Article rated 5.0/5.0
Common X.509 Transport File Extensions .DER : Binary encoding scheme for certificates. Additionally, .crt and .cer extensions may be used on DER encoded certificate files. .PEM : Base64 encoded ASCI...
Sky broadband with 3rd party router Article not rated yet
Sky branded OEM routers hide the PPP username and password from the UI.  The username and password is embedded in the firmware and can be captured by using a packet analyser (Wireshark) to capture UD...
unifi controller on ubuntu Article not rated yet
See GlennR easy install script # Author   |  Glenn R.# Email    | Website  |
Windows 10 DHCP fails to update DNS server Article not rated yet
Windows 10 fails to connect to the internet after changing networks.The fault is traced to a failure to update the DNS serverSee registry entryHKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\I...
spf, dkim and dmarc records Article not rated yet
DKIM - Domain Keys Identified Email DNS TXT record returning an X509 certificate to verify e-mail source    TXT    v=DKIM1;k=rsa;p=MIIBIjANBgkqhki....etc   DMARC ...

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