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USW Flex Mini (beware)


The USW Flex Mini (non PoE) has limited management and VLAN capability.

Ports on the switch support only a single VLAN tag which prevents custom port profiles being applied. Each port may be configured as a member of a logical LAN OR a member of a VLAN but not both.

This being the case, the USW Flex is best thought of as an extension of port it is physically uplinked to.  Apply the profile to the uplinked port, keeping in mind that the switch must remain reachable on the management VLAN.

A misconfiguration of the uplink port, assigning VLAN or logical LAN on a different subnet, may render the switch unreachable by the controller and disconnected from the Unifi Network application.

To resolve the disconnection the uplink port configuration should be reset in the Unifi Network application and the USW Flex Mini reset using the physical reset located on the bottom of the switch.  The USW Flex will reappear in the Unifi Network application and be reprovisioned.



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