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Sky broadband with 3rd party router


Sky branded OEM routers hide the PPP username and password from the UI.  The username and password is embedded in the firmware and can be captured by using a packet analyser (Wireshark) to capture UDP Port 67 (DHCP requests).   The router should also connect using a generic login, similar to BT Openworld


username: random@skydsl

password: password (or anything else)


User: abcdefgh@skydsl

Pass: 1234567890abcdef



Default subnet

Default router

Sky authenticate connections using MER/DHCP Option 61

It may be necessary to clone the MAC address

For Sky Fibre broadband the following settings apply

Country = UK

ISP = Sky

Transfer Mode = PTM

DSL Mode = VDSL2

Internet = Enable this Interface

Use VLANID = Ticked select 101

Priority = 0

Does your Internet connection require a login? = No

Account Name  (If Required) = D6400 (autofilled)

Domain Name  (If Required) = BLANK (Do not put anything just leave blank)

Internet IP Address = Select Get Dynamically from ISP

Domain Name Server (DNS) Address Select Get Dynamically from ISP

NAT (Network Address Translation) = Enable

Router MAC Address = MAC address of the Broadband port (WAN) in the form of C0:3E:0F:xx:xx:xx

DHCP Options = Client Identifier String (option 61) ussername and password taken from the Wireshark capture (c03e0fxxxxxx@skydsl|12345678) make sure the | 'pipe' is in between the username and password

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