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Win7 USB Flash Drive Install

Solution To Install Windows 7 from a USB Flash (pen) drive

Prepare USB flash drive for booting
1. 4GB flash drive required. Any existing data will be deleted.
2. Plug in and identify the USB drive
3. Open a command prompt with elevated privs
4. Enter the following commands
>list disk
#make a note of the flash drives ID number.
#we will assume disk 3 for this example
>select disk 3
>create partition primary
>format fs=ntfs

5. Mount bootable Windows 7 install media (DVD, ISO)
#we will assume the source media is mounted as x: for this example

6. Copy boot sector as follows, in the command shell enter the following commands
>cd boot
>bootsect /nt60 d:

7. Copy all files from the source media to the USB drive, including all system and hidden files in the root

8. Create a folder on the root of the flash drive and copy in any driver files required (disk controller, raid, lan, wifi etc).

9. The flash drive is ready for use
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