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Intel RST Driver extract


a. Extract driver files from SetupRST.exe:
- Open terminal in the directory with SetupRST.exe by right-clicking the directory and selecting "Open in Terminal" or "Open PowerShell here"
- Enter the following command:
SetupRST.exe -extractdrivers SetupRST_extracted

b. Copy all driver files from the SetupRST-extracted to a USB key media.

c. For Microsoft Windows OS*:
- During the operating system installation, click 'Load Driver' to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver.

d. When prompted, insert the USB media and press Enter.

e. Follow the prompts and browse to the location of the installation files. Select the appropriate ‘.inf’ file (64 or 32 bit). If a supported controller is detected there will be no error message. Follow prompts to continue and complete the installation.


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