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Yun user setup


Instructions for initial configuration of the Arduino can be found on the Arduino website 

Once initial configuration is complete, SSH provides console access.  

The following packages installations are suggested to ease user interaction with Linino.

Nano - screen based text editor
openssh-sftp-server - provides access by sftp based client tools, such as TextWrangler and Cyberduck
rsync - provides command line ssh based file and folder transfer  

To install the packages type the following commands
opkg update
opkg install nano
opkg install openssh-sftp-server
opkg install rsync

Later versions of the OSX terminal application may fail to start Nano, due to the terminal being declared as xterm-256color.  Use the following command to fix the issue
export TERM='xterm-color'

The fix can be made permanent by creating a .profile file.  It may also be useful to alias ls to default to a wide listing which includes hidden files.

nano ~/.profile
export TERM='xterm-color'
alias ls='ls -hla'


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