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Server 2019 - nslookup server unknown



Windows Server 2019 Essentials

IP4 static address

IP6 link local only



After Active Directory and DNS setup, nslookup reports

Server unknown ::1



nslookup binds to IP6 by default

During AD forest setup the network adapter DNS setting is configured to the IP4 ( and IP6 (::1) loopback addresses.

During DNS server installation, no AAA record, no reverse zone, no PTR recordsa re created.



  1. Obtain the link local IP6 address (ipconfig)
  2. Configure the network adadpter DNS to the IP4 static and IP6 link local addresses

In DNS admin

  1. Create an IP4 A record for the server hostname and static IP4 address
  2. Create an IP6 AAA record for the server hostname and the IP6 link local address
  3. Create an IP6 reverse zone for the link local space, with the prefix fe80::/64
  4. Create an IP6 revrse records for the server link local address


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