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MySQL create restricted user Article rated 3.0/5.0
Use these two queries to restrict MySQL user access to a single database, so that the user can only see / update / delete tables from that single database. REVOKE ALL PRIVILEGES,GRANT OPTION from...
MySQL backup and restore Article rated 3.0/5.0
Backup a mySQL database mysqldump -uUSER_NAME -pPASSWORD db_name > file_name.sql Restore a mySQL database mysql -uUSER_NAME -pPASSWORD db_name < file_name.sql
TSQL Resolve orphaned user after restore Article not rated yet
Restoring a data base to a foreign SQL server may cause user accounts defined in the database schema to be orphaned from an SQL login account. To resolve the disconnect use the following TSQL USE &l...
MySQL SSH tunnel on OSX Article not rated yet
OSX fails to connect mysql to ssh tunnel SSH tunnelling is a useful method for connecting to a MySQL server which is behind a firewall and restricted to localhost users.  i.e. A web server #cre...

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