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Robocopy can be a very useful tool for copying complex windows folder trees, similar to rsync.  Unfortunately the robocopy defaults are not too useful and you may quickly end up trawling google, trying to find the right switches to which allow the duplication to finish. By default robocopy will retry for ever and follow junction points, which very quickly ends up in an infinite backup time, due to access denied errors and infinite junction point loops.

A more useful robocopy command is

robocopy source destination /E /B /XJ /W:0 /R:0


/E copy subfolders including empty folders and do not purge files which have been deleted from source

/B backup mode, use ZB for network folders

/XJ do not follow junction points (hard links)

/W:0 wait 0 seconds to retry failed operation (do not wait before retry)

/R:0 retry 0 times (do not retry)

This is about as close as I can get to rsync -avhP


The full set of command line parameters is available



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